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Auspicious Chinese Symbols for Prosperity, Wealth, Happiness and Good Luck

Symbols play an important role in Feng Shui. They can be used in its simplest form as calligraph in our home. Displaying these symbols even in its crudest form improves the aesthetic appeal of your home and makes them appear stylish and also with a purpose. These symbols can be included as a part of your clothings like t-shirts, cuff links, e.t.c These auspicious symbols are symbols for prosperity, wealth, money, blessings, good fortune, good luck,

  • Lu - The Chinese symbol for prosperity, influence and higher ranks. Use these symbols in your children's room to influence better education, thereby leading to higher income and consequently higher influence. 
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  • Fu - It is the most favored and used Good Luck symbol in Chinese. It means great blessing and good luck 
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  • Shou - This Chinese symbol represents longevity. The above three symbols; Lu, Fu and Shou is called as 'Triplets of Blessings' and when  used together, it enhances prosperity, luck and longevity for the above.
  • Xi - It is a Chinese symbol that means 'Double Happiness'. It is a favored symbol during marriages. 

  • Cai - It is a Chinese symbol meaning wealth, riches, money, property, valuables. It also means good business, successful career and bountiful harvest.
The Xi  and Cai symbol coupled along with the Triplets of Blessings becomes the quartet and quintet symbols of Good luck and is considered to most powerful talisman/symbol of Good Luck.

Other Chinese Good Luck Symbols:
  • Ji - Luck and Auspicious
  • Ai - Love
  • Shun - Satisfaction, abundance.
  • He - Harmony
  • An - Safety and well being.

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